Friday, May 18, 2012

Me and God are One

I am at one with the great being that made me, that brought me here, that formed the galaxies, stars, planets, and universes. I am consciously aware enough to truly understand what this means.

Most of the problems that religion and various philosophical movements down through the centuries have produced have been egregious errors.

We have surmised that God is a distinct separate being from us, to whom we must offer worship, whom we must cultivate, humor, please, and hope to obtain a reward from at the end of our respective lives. This is a totally improper description of the loving presence in the universe that we refer to as God.

Associating God with any religion, organized or not, is something to recoil at because the association has done nothing but harm. Globally, this affiliation has historically harmed women, children, the oppressed, created Wars for profit, and the horrendous list goes on.
Today we have marvelous technology, anti-gravity magnets, magnetic fields of zero-point energy (Vacuum Energy), we have all that and much more in the area of Science and Information Technology. However, we still harbor this ugly, superstitious, backward concept of God.
Once you start to question the traditional images, caricature, eternal punishment, and the overall nature of the man-made version of God, you’re deemed an agnostic, atheist or some other type of demonic pariah of the social order.
God is greater than the greatest of human weakness, of human imagination and skill. God transcends most remarkably and emulates nature in absolute splendor. How can any man or woman sin against such greatness of mind? How can one-minute carbon unit on earth, in the backwaters, the boondocks, and even the Milky Way, betray God Almighty? That is impossible and the mere concept signifies the height of arrogance and control by those who create God in their own image.

This is the only planet in the Milky Way that is steeped in enormous subjugation of religion. Man has incorrectly defined right and wrong. If I do this, I may be punished by God, if I do the other thing, I will be rewarded. This is an extremely poor description that tries to map out a path in life for us to follow, with deplorable results.
There really is no such thing as “good or bad” in the spiritual sense. We’re judging life far too superficially. Does this mean you’re in favor of sin, depravity, or licentiousness? No. It simply means that we need to improve our expression and understanding of what we’re dealing with in this dimension. The things that we do, either help us to evolve or regress. But it’s not good or bad.

There’s no God waiting to punish you because you did one or the other. There is no God condemning people, because we’re all part of the essence, magnificence, and are co-creators with God. The only difference is we have the individual and collective objective of evolving.
Man’s attempt to define God is tantamount to asking a fish to describe water.

  • David Albert, Philosopher of Physics and Professor at Columbia University
  • Amit Goswami, Ph.D Theoretical Nuclear Physicist, University of Oregon, Professor of Physics
  • Stuart Hameroff, M.D., Anesthesiologist
  • JZ Knight (Channelling the Spirit of Ramtha), Master Teacher
  • Dr. Michael Ledwith, former Professor of Theology
  • Daniel Monti, M.D. Full-time Faculty Jeffersom Medical College
  • Andrew B. Newburg, M.D., Assistant Professor Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Author of "Why God Won't Go Away" and "The Mystical Mind"
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  • Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. in Physics from UCLA, Physicist Lecturer and WriterJohn Hagelin, Ph.D Harvard, Physicist at Maharishi University of Management, Author
  • John Hagelin, Ph.D Harvard, Physicist at Maharishi University of Management, Author

B. E. Shaw

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