Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Christianity Under Attack

A writing colleague and cohort in dismantling organized religion - ah-hem .. Christianity .. posted a comment on my article "How Dare You" as a response to one of her critics .. &Austinstar wrote ..

"You can call us Atheists, Satanists, Devil Worshipers or whatever you want. We will be the first to tell you that you are entitled to your opinion. We are also entitled to our opinions."

"Personally, I wish you and all your little friends would just go be with your 'Lord and Master' and RESPECT human beings who want to speak for themselves. If you want to Praise Jesus, God, Allah, Yahweh or whichever other cloud you have named, then just do it. But organized, forced and unwelcome religion has got to go!"

My response to her was, "Hear Hear, Austinstar, you hit the nail on the head. We speak out not because we despise the believer, some of my best friends are Christians. As you stated, 'organized, forced and unwelcome religion has got to go', and I agree."

The homeless man on the street needs your dollars much more than Joel Osteen. Oh, my bad, you're concerned that the homeless beggar will buy wine with the $0.50 that you give him, but you're not worried about what T.D. Jakes or Creflo Dollar does with the $1000s that you give them, oops sorry, $1000s that you give to 'God'.

Many churches have non-profit organizations, they have schools, some even support homeless shelters and other worthy programs. However, the Robin Hood facade is no different than the drug dealer who makes millions in illegal, immoral and illicit funds, then hands out turkeys in his local community on Thanksgiving day.

He's still a criminal, a gangster, a thug, a hood and a hoodlum, and so is the Church; a canonical conglomerate that has orchestrated the most colossal ponzi scheme in the history of humankind.

Unbeknownst to the fundamentalist, enlightened beings who speak out against the ills of organized religion are really doing them a favor. The masses of gullible, metaphysically challenged individuals are simply too brainwashed to appreciate our efforts.

Archaic, primitive, backwards religious beliefs are on the way out. This is why the popular thing for Christians to say today is, "Christianity is under attack" .. as well it should be.

Of course, benighted believers are countering with, "the bible predicted this," so it must be true.

Biblical and Christian apologist, going back several centuries knew at some point and time, their colossal Ponzi Scheme would come to an end. This is why their holy book includes words like "heretic," "apostate," "pagan," etc., to discourage any free-thinker who decides to challenge canonical authority.

Your "Holy Bible" is a book that is no more than a compilation of articles, written over a thousand-year period, collated at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. This is when the Jesus myth was created, patterned directly after Horus of Egyptian mythology, 3000 years prior. Horus also had a "miracle birth," born of the Virgin Isis. Horus was baptized by Anup the baptizer; Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and get this, both Anup and John were beheaded. What a coincidence!

Whenever scriptural inerrancy is challenged, Christian apologist lean on the belief of prophecy fulfillment as proof that the Bible is the word of God. This is a dubious argument at best because the premonitions are extremely vague, ambiguous, replete with double entendres, fallacious reasoning and when all else fails, evangelical supporters resort to the "God of the Gaps" theory (whatever can't be explained scientifically, God did it).

Evidence most often cited by prophecy-fulfillment proponents tend to fall into two categories:

  1. Allegorical claims are made by biased advocates.
  2. The plethora of specious prophecies were written long after the fact.
Here's another example: If I wrote a book in 1991 in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek and chapters 1-10 were based on something that happened between 1900-1940 and chapters 11-20 dealt with what occurred between 1940-1990. Someone else writes a book in 2014, paraphrasing in English, what I wrote 24 years ago and the reader has no knowledge of the aforementioned languages, nor is the reader aware of the principles of interpretation required to comprehend such literature. How reliable do you think the prognostications would be?

Christianity is under attack and it will continue to be under attack until the colossal ruse orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Church comes to an end. The Church and the Vatican are a trillion-dollar industry and they profit off the most notorious fabrications the world has and will ever know.

Be objective for one moment and ask yourself this question? What is the product of the Church? Please spare me the 'saving souls' malarkey, you really should know better than that by now.

The Roman Catholic Church and its millions of subsidiaries worldwide, are the most profitable organization in the world and her biggest commodity is superstitious, benighted, 'god-fearing' people.

Does the Christian God really need 10% of your income before taxes? Do you need a middleman to do good; to give to others?

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